Mistakes and my learning as a Fresher.

I am a Fresher and do mistakes. I learn from them. The things that I learn, I want to share here that others will know.I am doing all the things below and believe that you will help from these.

• Search your own guide

Its important to have one right guide .Who will guide you what to do, and what not to. How to get? Simple. Search any Passionate tester anywhere in world; you will definitely have a nice guide.

• Use Google before asking any question

While I was on some forums on testing, members ask different questions and others give answers. Does anyone check before asking that this question might be repeated one? Do you Google it before asking,?

• Use LinkedIn for linking

There are 250+ million employees on linkedin.You will get your contact here.

How you made your profile? See some fantastic profile of Michael Bolton, James Bach, Pradeep, Santhosh, and Ajay

If any recruiters want to search a tester’s profile, where you appear in search result? Try to get answer and find a important thing for you.

Try Googling your name .Are you there in list? What is the Page rank for your website?

• Market Your Resume.

Does your resume attract any one? Tell some one to criticize about it, If you are in touch with a HR, you are lucky .Remember, primary goal of resume is to attract Recruiter enough to give you interview call.

In which format you have resume? Doc? Have you tried for PDF? PPT? FLASH? (What, what what???) Google the term. You will get interesting things. A resume is not format bounded. It’s a nice chance to show your creativity.

• Increase your contacts. Stay in touch.

Don’t just add many connections in your network, stay in touch with them by mails…If you are lucky, maybe they have good news for you. Try to learn from them. What was their career path?

• Attend workshops, seminars, happenings about testing in your city

Increase your contacts in this Industry. Be a active member in testing forums. LinkedIn groups. For the Pune locals SPIN group, Pune Tech, Silicon India are some nice groups.

Want to know more groups? Search Google.

• Learn scripting language perl, python

Language? What? A tester needs to learn language? Yes. He should. Even he should make code that work. If you want to know why, see next tip.

• Read lessons learn in software testing by James Bach. Buy it.

The most useful book that a tester should keep in his collection. There are many others too. But I can’t stop myself mentioning this book. Buy it. Start from any where you want and learn a new lesson each time.

Want to read more ?See recommended books by James Bach here.

• Last and my favorite-be a Blogger.

Do you want to world know about you? Are you a Smart Enough? Then show it.

Here is the one Smart Guy for your reference. Pradeep Soundararajan.

Want to see more bloggers? See above blog’s noteworthy students list.

Do You need a tester for your organisation?See my resumeand contact me soon.

Oh did I forget some important things that you know? DO you want that some things testers should follow? If your answer is yes, please comment here, and wait for my mail.

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