WT50 :My Weekend Testing Session Experience

Hi folks,

Happy new year to all. This is my first post in this year.I thank to my small fans for waiting patiently for my new post.  :)

In Last weekend on Saturday 8th Jan, I attended my first weekend testing session.  I was very excited as whole Moolya team is participating in this session!!!! And I decided to write on this.

Here is a summary of things I did in this session.

The session started exactly at 4 PM. Before that  I added weekendtesting on my Skype account . Moderator of session “Ajay Balamurgadas ” asked me “would you like to join?”  I answered yes. He shared me  mission and asked me  if I have any questions?

Mission that he provided to me was as follows

“FireShot is a browser addon which captures, edits, annotates, organizes, exports, uploads and prints screenshots of your web pages.

They are facing a problem with many issues being raised on their support page and most of them lack important information. Please work in pairs and go through the issues logged and add additional information to help the programmer.


You will have to register as a user here:


Can you find the root cause and help the programmer fix the issues faster? Let us see.”

After reading a mission, I was actually stuck for a moment. I was expecting of mission like Finding a bug, or testing or like that. Here I was asked to Find a root cause and help the programmer to fix issues. !!!! Unexpected and nice one.

I took some 15 min. to understand a mission, and registering onto a website. (Only 1 hour provided to complete mission). I needed to do my task in tester’s way. I was on support page to read the bug reports filed by users of this product. I chose problems randomly and try to pick some interesting once.  And decide to reproduce them.

Few of the reports that filed, I found interesting and were really irritating to users of this product as I try to reproduce it.

I said “few” ones before because many reports were not understandable and can to reproducible because of less information that a particular user has not provided (like configuration details). I agreed with JK why was he facing problems to fix those issues , The administrator  of this website .

Also one more thing, the reports were arranged in random sequence. If there is any keyword, priority related to each bug there, it might be helpful to both users and programmers too.

On Reports page there was no option to search for a particular bug. Because after reading some random report s, I wanted view previous last reports. Too bad.

Next, Useful Instructions were not given to Users who raised different issues to provide a screen-shot or video-capture of the problem if they can, I think This will definitely help to programmers to understand the problem, and JK will not comment like this “we can not reproduce this ” of a potential problem.

I found a serious problem like my fire fox browser was hang as I installed this addon on browser and I needed to restart browser again. This was annoying.

We can blame testers of this product for not analyzing these issues before product was launched. This Product feels too buggy. Even the new testers like me, will hate this product as I am getting so much bugs with the product without big efforts.

Pradeep Soundarajan and Santhosh Tuppad did pair testing and come out with report http://tuppad.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/WT50-Pradeep-Soundararajan-and-Santhosh-Tuppad.pdf

After the first hour there is discussion between we Weekend testers .The discussion was very interesting than previous session as I had opportunity to discuss with worldwide testers on these issues. This was my first time in Weekend testing so I decide to first observe how they do it. Later, I was also joined in session discussions.

Discussion went for one hour, It given me so many things to learn. (Which?)  I surprised why I didn’t t took part in Weekend testing sessions before. But now onwards I will be. I recommend you to join this sessions- if you haven’t yet. I am in search of someone who can pair with me for next session, this Saturday. Will you join me??

Thanks for reading the post. I will come out more interesting ones, as these days I am learning so many things at Moolya and I would like to share with you too.

3 thoughts on “WT50 :My Weekend Testing Session Experience

  1. We can blame testers of this product for not analyzing these issues before product was launched. This Product feels too buggy. Even the new testers like me, will hate this product as I am getting so much bugs with the product without big efforts.

    Welcome to making the same mistake I made when I started out as a tester. A product being buggy is not a reflection of the tester but the whole team. So pointing out that this product needs better testers is like saying, “Oh there were great developers, great managers, great customers but no good testers”.

    Also, how do you know even if testers did exist for this project?

    Welcome again. Please read well and don’t do mistakes that others have done in the past.


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