Solving problems in tester’s way.

January 29th and 30th will be holidays for Moolya testers. Pradeep and Santhosh will be going to Chennai for attending Bug-de-Bug conference and I decided to go home in Pune.

I wanted to book tickets for train and so I went to Jaynagar for the same. I needed more cash for booking so I reach at ATM transaction machine, which supposed to give me cash that I needed.

I found one ATM machine near to the Bus stop; fortunately, it was of same bank, which I have account. After waiting for 15 minutes in long queue, I got my chance for the transaction. I entered the PIN, request for RS 1000. (I need only RS 500 but who knows what will happen and I need more money urgently?). Now here comes a problem. I requested for the money and receipt for the same time, got the receipt for “amount deducted and actual available balance”, but did not have the money.

Oh God, bugs are behind me outside office too! ! !

Here comes a tester’s job now. I got the problem and I want to learn, report and solve it too or help bank people to solve it. My brain started working. (Usually its very slow, but while testing its starts functioning, let it be.)

Now some questions came into my mind as

  • Is it a problem with Machine or me?

(I remembered my steps while doing and I found there wasn’t any unusual thing I did to fall machine in wrong state. I assume now that it is a problem of Machine.)

  • If it is the machine, is it with “hardware” that deposits money or “software”?

(I remember there’s at least four transactions by different people who were successful I guess, and I can conclude that machine at least had not a before my work.  But why? Its so frustrating L)

The machine is in problem now, can be called as in invalid state. This can do more wrong things now if I force her to do particular things. I want to know more that what else it can do unusual?

I waited sometime as might machine is in hang state and will give output after some time. I decided to wait for 2 minutes only as

I do not have much time and chances to do these tasks, as other people are waiting and I know that people can frustrate here if I would take time more than 2 minutes.

Now I have 120 seconds, in that I want to do some follow up so that I would have good evidences to show bank

I already have a one receipt as a proof in which withdrawal, actual and Available balance is showing right but not it did like that. Here some tests I did to achieve my goal.

Next thing I did was To check my balance again. This step is consistent with my goal as if the machine shows right balance I can conclude its problem with hardware or if it doesn’t or shows something improper in receipt, it’s a software or network delay problem.

Why "actual" and "available" in only a balance enquiry?

Actual result I got was In Balance Enquiry receipt it shows two different values for actual and available balance. Expected: There should be only one value to be shown and what the hell is meaning of actual and available balance in Balance Inquiry receipt man?

Okay, I got to know that it’s a software+ network problem too from above, And I have one solid proof with me now to show bank. Now I want to know further

v     If this problem related to my account only or others will also affect by it.?

I told to the guy who is next to me in queue, my problem that I am having here and he agrees to tell me if he also find some unusual thing. (Maybe he will get my money as my money can come with his money if its stuck in the machine.!!!)

He did not find something wrong and went away. Now it’s my time to do one test more (I needed money too,) I request machine (again J) to deposit now RS 1000 and have a receipt with it.

Yippee! Here comes another issue.

See withdrawal amount and deducted amount...

The image here shows that withdrawal amount is 1000 but machine actually deducted 2000 while showing actual and available balance. I got great proof to show the error in machine to the bank.

Feeling happy (I did successful follow up) and sad too (Why the problem is with me?). I decided to go to bank tomorrow morning to report issue.

I wrote a pleasant letter to Manager of the Branch (who knows she might be beautiful), mentioning all the necessary details (unfortunately I can give steps to reproduce the problem) and handed to problem reporting staff.

At last, I ask her a question that is also fundamental in testing

How much time you would take to resolve the issue?”


I appreciate you for the patience you have while reading the post or at least scroll down until here.:)  If you find some learning, its my pleasure, if not, you can mail me  or comment on blog.


Riyaj Shaikh.

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