We all love each other!

Yes, we are Anglican bloggers. We work as a best we can, we work for our testing community, we help our country to feel proud, and we help all for their needs…..

I am very inspired by the above cartoon and forced to write this post. We are really Anglican Bloggers.!!!

I read about Manoj Nair’s experience as a tester on Pradeep’s Blog. These special ones are adding great contribution to the society as a tester.

We should all thank to the Men’s who started these things an ago, and we are getting fruits now. Thanks Pradeep, Shrini, Santhosh, Manoj, Parimala, Rahul, Ajay, Ajoy ….

The best leaders in the history are those who made the leaders who promote the things even after them.

Now it’s our time to work hard to support and actively do the things they are doing, Lets show these leaders that we are also coming!

One thought on “We all love each other!

  1. Yes Riyaj, you are right. We should help each other to add more and more value to the things we love to do, the passions we have in common—in quest of learning and sharing….keep on motivate our brothers..


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