Yes , I am Worth Hiring!

Hire Me !



Here’s the thing. I am searching out for job and the things that everyone is doing traditionally  like sending resumes, and waiting for their reply, are just not working . Showing your awesomeness in the traditional manner is little difficult, right?

So here is what I want to say:

I am looking for:

A profile of a Test Engineer/QA Engineer basically to work as a software tester, as this is  my passion and love. :)

I am worth Hiring. Yes, I might have less experience than others BUT I can do some things that others probably not or can not. Yes, I will test your software product effectively for sure but I am also talking about these:

  • I am Honest.
  • I am a better human being and a team-mate that you can hire, as recommended by my previous employer.
  • I have better documentation skills, you need evidence? Just view my some documents here on blog like this and this one. These documents are published in various websites including Software Testing Club.
  • I have got recognition as a better tester at very early stages of my career, and hired by Eminent Testers as my first job.
  • I am creative. If not, this blog post would not be there. I am always in search of new and better ways of doing a work and practice it all-the time, just like I use of social media for this cause.
  • I did helped my fellow team members, colleagues to grow their skills in testing, when  they lacking about that and that’s what I am doing these days.
  • I don’t consider asking for help is a weakness. I consider it a sign of strength. I don’t know everything but I don’t pretend that I know if I don’t.
  • I actively participate in conferences, workshops , write blog, Work for testing-community, which adds a great value to me and my employer.
  • I have passion for testing any product, of any domain, with better and accountable test coverage.
  • I take decisions, which I consider are the best part of mine. The decisions about anything helped me a lot to stand as a better human being.
  • I am very openhearted; I surely wont  hide from you If  got impressed of you!
  • I work for an organization and wherever I work, I think first about it.

I will not tell you about what I have done in past, my qualification because that’s all in my CV which I would be glad to send you.

However, I do believe in giving you an impression of the kind of person I am (I called it as  The Riyaj Touch ). I’ve been told I have potential and talent that I  can do great things and become the best possible version of myself.

Now here comes a point where I am asking YOU to help. Please help me spread to the world. Tweet it, share it on Facebook, or forward it to anyone who you think might be hiring. I am ready for the coming job as a new chapter in my life.

Happy Testing.

14 thoughts on “Yes , I am Worth Hiring!

  1. Hi Riyaj, it’s nice reading your blog post. I will be surely pass on the info if I come across any openings.

    Btwn, obviously you are the *Worth* Hiring!!



  2. This trait of your’s- “I don’t know everything but I don’t pretend that I know if I don’t” will fetch you a job very soon. Bless you Riyaj!
    Best Regards,
    Shiva Mathivanan


  3. Hello,

    I have read your each and every blog and i think day by day you are increasing your potential to the great extent.I will definitely help you out if possible.You will definitely get a good job as a persons like you would never be ignored at all.

    All the very best.


  4. Hi Riyaj.

    Best of luck! In today’s world of Social Media, those who don’t utilise it to full effect when applying for jobs are getting left behind and those who do really stand out from the crowd and succeed!

    Please keep us all updated with any news!



  5. Nice Postt Riyaz, but unfortuantely the head hunters or the interviewers don’t read blog posts

    Send me your email id , at least I can forwad you the job profile where they want the candidate to join in 15 days.

    Rest is up to you.

    Please try to be smart,don’t say you don’t know everything, say you are a fast learner :)

    All the best,sorry for such curt reply :)



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