The Kung-Fu Testing Master.

Do you know from how many years this art of karate techniques called “Kung Fu” is exist in world?

From then, how does it pass on to generations and generations, get mastered, get more and more better….

The masters of Kung-Fu knew it ages before.

The master knows that which particular student of them will be the next master. They choose him after hard tests.

Kung-Fu Karate Practice

There is a master hidden in each of you. Its You who will wake him up and win the world.


The new master just not learn the techniques of Kung –fu, he is going to add the new techniques so that he can fight in better way.

After a time passed he recognizes his future-student and gives them those techniques.

These techniques are never ever going to written in a book, none of the certification and courses in world can teach you those, you have to find it yourself.

The one, who will find it, will be the new master for the world.

Again the history will continue and these techniques now have more dimensions, new ways and better skills.

Kung_Fu_Master_STAN_BROWN_by_elijah_the_creatorThe master already knows that he had been fooled in past and he never ever thinks of leaving  old techniques. These are the golden techniques  who works- when even new ones don’t.










Software testing is an art. The one who knows it will always learns, shares, and practices.



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