Cube Game and testing software.

I wrote an article while I was at Moolya. I submit this article to Testing planet magazine for publishing, and much happy that they had published it.This is my first published article.

This article is just a touch to different aspects of software testing world like interviews, thinking process, testing ideas, and how one tester can teach testing to a non-testing person.

I love the Rubik’s cube game very much. I got this game last month. The Rubik’s cube teaches me a lot and I wanted to share that with you.

The first time I played this game my only mission in my mind was to get just one side complete.

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Happy Testing. :)

2 thoughts on “Cube Game and testing software.

  1. Do you to continue this game?

    How much in dollar amount do you want to pay for spending 3 minutes to complete whole Rubik’s cube ? :)

    Rule 1. Do not finish cube by side you start.
    Rule 2. If you want to break it and construct again in completed cube – do not let anyone to see.
    Rule 3. Do you want “Flow Chart” to use?

    Happy testing:)


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