A Testing tool case study and how we buy it.

Yesterday, I came across a simple case study .This story explains how they overcome their testing problems (created with old manual testing practices).It’s a great idea to buy the tool and let some manual people free from our  project. Dude, I have to reduce cost and time!!

First thing I saw on the page is the title of the story (which I like personally):

“XXX replaces manual testing with our tool XXX”

Manual tester work very (very) slow. They will read test document, create test case, execute it, and analyze it, create bug (gy) reports, this cost too much. Everyone kept my machines busy. They take a lot of time. Why not automate all their work?

(Why not automate everything? It’s the question asked by a smart developer at VodQA conference at Thoughworks,Pune . Wow, he is exactly at his point!!)

I read the testimonial which says,

“The need for automated testing of these applications was growing rapidly, especially since our test cases were increasing in numbers……”

That’s true in my case.

Some of the Favorite quotes in the case study are

  • …..that is when we decided to change to test automation to free as many testing resources as possible.”
  • XXX receives a lot of awards and reviews in magazines, plus the price of the product was very competitive compared to other products on the market.


So Finally I  called the Marketing team of the tool and asked them if they can offer us demo. (I am going to buy it anyhow)











Moral of the story: Testers and Test management have forgotten to appreciate their own colleagues and consider processes and tools help them meet their goals.


(    1. Don’t read the case studies made by people who don’t understand what the testing is.

2. If you don’t know the testing, whether you do manual or automation testing, it doesn’t matter.

3. Don’t try to  learn testing, from Testing Tool.   )

– Riyaj Shaikh.



1.  Test Automation by Fewster and Graham

2. Testers & their passion for test automation by Pradeep Soundararajan.

3. Test Automation Snake Oil by James Bach (PDF)


One thought on “A Testing tool case study and how we buy it.

  1. Your post could not be any more of a perfect match to what QASymphony offers than you would believe.

    The Moral of Your Story “Testers and Test management have forgotten to appreciate their own colleagues and consider processes and tools help them meet their goals” also follows our philosophy with our product, qTrace. I would like to introduce to you QASymphony, a new company trying to help out the SDLC to be quicker and easier while producing quality from the developer to the end user.

    qTrace is our first product, an easy-to-use screen capture testing tool that quickens the documentation process for testers. More time to test and explore, less time spent reporting. It would be great to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and critiques on qTrace since you have expertise in this area. Please visit our website http://www.qasymphony.com/ and try our free trial. If you find qTrace to be beneficial, we would be more than happy to give you a bulk discount.


    [Riyaj’s reply: Thanks sarah.I will definitely going to evaluate the product and provide you feedback.]


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