Do You Have Guts to Lead Your Tribe?

” The story talks about how a typical employee of a small company decides to led his tribe — by giving them a goal and medium to connect. Everything he done was – leading his tribe.”

Jack joined a small team of testers before a month . The organization he working is pretty small in numbers, but effective as they are able to produce certain innovative products in the market. Everything is going well and Jack has been able to prove himself a better employee they had hired.

One fine day in August, Delivery manager called Jack and offered him a new responsibility. Manager wants him to lead for the game product they are expecting to deliver in 3 months. Requirement document hasn’t been freeze yet; Developers and all Testers were allotted on rotating basis to various projects, and a lot classic hurdles. Jack has given 3 programmers and 2 testers including him. In reality, he needs more, a lot more if they going to make Christmas Ship date.

So jack started a blog, over the intranet. The blog highlighted the work of every person who worked for his product. It nicely highlights discovery and talked about new grounds they were breaking (music! in the game!!). He sends the blog posts to everyone in the company over emails-about 150 people.

Twice a week, Jack updates blog with new post. Twice a week he talks about the quest. Twice a week, he writes about amazing work his team has done. Blog connected the team members. It turned a disparate group of career engineers into working community.

Within a month, 5 more engineers get added to tribe, working with him in spare time. Then it was twenty. Soon, every person in the entire company was either assigned to his project or moonlighting on it. In  December Jack has been successful in making the product ready to ship before Christmas. First time ever in the history of company a product has been ready to launch before date.

Did Engineers switch because of blog? Off course not. They switched for the journey. They wanted to be part of something that mattered. What Jack did was pushing obstacles out-of-the-way, lived and breathed through the project, and injected with a soul. As inexperienced, he actually has mere knowledge about development work.  Everyone had a job to do that months and jack helped them to communicate.

Everything the Jack did was not for himself but for community. He didn’t manage, he led.


  • The tribe, by Seth Godin.
  • Brain, of Riyaj Shaikh.

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