Know what your organization really needs: Get heretics on board.


Los Angeles Philharmonic is one of the most prestigious in the world. They went looking for a new conductor; they had their pick of perhaps a thousand qualified individuals. These were world class people who had been tested and proved at doing the work of running an orchestra the traditional way.

They hired Gustavo Dudamel.

He is a twenty year old sensation from Venezuela whose resume can’t even compare to those of elder peers at that time. He doesn’t have the proven abilities at doing yesterday’s hard work. The Los Angeles Philharmonic realized, though, that they could always find someone to get that work done. What they needed was a leader to bring organization to a new audience in new way.

Stop for a second and consider the implications of this decision. From a thousand qualified conductors (who understood the status quo and will try to maintain it), Philharmonic chose a newbie who wanted to challenge it.


You will always get experts who are expert at QTP, selenium, or SQL. What you will rarely get- are leaders. Leaders- to lead at every step of organization, from junior tester to CEO.  Though they may lack some specific skills that needed your organization, hiring them is fantastic decision you could ever make over tool-skilled peers. Playing today’s game with yesterdays rule might be safer feeling but it won’t help in longer run.


Nilesh Gajare (linkedin profile) and I started our career at the same time. Today he is an exceptional tester hired at his organization ever. Six months before he appeared for an interview. There are hundreds of profiles who are better than him. They were better at some tool, or some experience. But they decided to hire him. Only one.


Nilesh getting - XTRA mile award  Reason behind this is that they were able to see passion towards his work and his ability to communicate effectively. He did most important work- offer his opinion to his test manager, members, memos, and constant feedback. Today he helped them to build a better test team- though his work was not actually of team leader.  Just few days before, he got an award from Management. His Manager said that he had done 3 years of job in just six months.Nilesh got huge credibility into the organization.


My linkedin profile says I challenge people and organizations. I usually go with my guts that ultimately will help them to get better.

If you won’t hire heretic s you are interviewing, there is no chance to know how he could have change the way your organization work. Someone is always there to hire him.


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