If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going !

– Winston Churchill


Almost, everything in life is controlled by dip. Seth Godin argues in this bestseller, The Dip.

We testers too, have a dip in our life.

At the beginning everything seems to be enjoying, funny. Its interesting, no matter what we do. Testing Bloggers feels it’s great to blog, add new post frequently, and share interests. Doing Testing feels like heaven!  It’s easy to stay engaged.








And then dip happens.

Testers feel like its a boring job. Everyday, pulling out bugs, pointing out other’s mistakes is not that much fascinating. Switching to management or development seems to a good option.  After few blog posts, bloggers left blogging. We haven’t that much time now to write, reading other blogs.

Dip is long slope between starting and mastery. Dip is hurdle made to keep people like you out. Every year, there are number of companies trying to get into the industry, they invest time and money, all in an attempt to break market with their product/services .A year later, most of them don’t return. I am going through this dip most of this time.

In reality very few people get’s through that dip. Pradeep Soundararajan is one such fellow who has such long dip. We know these are rare people, because not everyone has a gut to get through dip. If that really easy, today we could see many Pradeep outside.

Successful people not only ride on dip, they lean into dip. Pushing harder, changing rules, getting more skilled than before.

Everyone in life, who seeks success, has to recognize and cross that dip.


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