Change is the game.Change is new game plan.

While there are most of the guys who wants to change game plan, I want changing the game itself.If you haven’t got it yet, then there is some interesting news for you.I am going to change.My blog is going through some change.

Now I am going to write about things which I found as interesting as Software Testing.My opinions about those things  are going to reflect into blog posts.At Marteck , we discuss  many things;learn,modify,make,write,spread the information across the web.I am going to write about those things we love to share with you all.

Reason behind this maybe because  I am expanding my reach to more fields than merely testing.

It mean this blog will no longer about only software testing.

Those guys who reach to this blog only to know about testing,may be having some disspointment.

I will share my opinions about technical matters,software companies,successful (unsuccessful) campaigns,all things that we should know as a technical people.One more thing,I am not going to write about politics if you are thinking that.I don’t want to waste your as well as my time.

I know you guys will like my future posts.

Will talk to you very soon with something interesting article.

Change is the game.Change is new game plan.