Tester life: a social click !

Testers have some invaluable skills.

Observe,Communicate,Write (effectively so that problem to fix*),clear understanding of what trouble will occur.

Skilled Writers,Photographers,Great speakers work for community.They try to bring change in society.

  • Can skilled testers add value to society?
  • Can we use our skills to help people ?
  • Can we help the world to be a better place than yesterday?

Yes we can.I started it.When I test a government site or bank or organization website, and sent mails to them about an important problem.

Once tweeted about important error in careers for big company.Next day , they changed whole website  and important fixed problems.

If I never tweet about it,it may take a long time to identify and fix the problem.

I blogged about corruption in software industry here.A lot of “thank you” mails I received from job seekers told me I did right job.

Thank YOU for increasing my confidence.This post was just to say thank you for everyone out there.