Those wrong things they taught me in school (Which takes me years to realize)

To Never Quit.I am Sorry, but never quit was the  most wrong thing ever that I learned in school days.Successful people,companies quit, even more often,things that are going nowhere.In fact,quitting is one of the planned strategy.

(Does your organization stick to not-to-quit testing of product until we find zero BUGS? )

Award for 100% attendance.As a child if there were no award for particular student, they give award of perfect attendance in that year.Even today, employees gets an award for 100% attendance.Is your organization is in that category?

(We are encouraged to show up at work,rather than some achievement in work)

The Success Fantasy: Overnight success of millionaires,Best-seller writers,stories of scientists who discover something great in one moment. I realize it actually take years,decades to build that success moment.Each and every thing needs hard work and patience.

to be updated , Until I realise more.

(Will you help me out with it? )